Learn from your experience
Consider Discuss Track


Review your results from the Better Development Plans tool and select the most promising work experiences for your development.

You may want to use the “Compare” option in the Saved Insights table to consider different experiences side-by-side.

Here are two questions to help you identify the best opportunities:

  • What is the most important learning from this experience?
  • What are the most important risks you may need to manage?


After you’ve identified at least one on-the-job experience that will help you with your career goals, you should schedule time with your manager or a trusted advisor to discuss your aspirations and development. Your manager/advisor can provide input to support your development and ensure that your development ideas align with business needs.

The outcome of this meeting should be an understanding of your development, as well as agreement on the development experience you will engage in. Here are a few questions to help you prepare for your development conversation:

  • What are your career goals?
  • What are your strengths and passions?
  • What could hold you back? (e.g., knowledge, budget, time)
  • How will this experience help with your career or performance?
  • How will you measure progress and success?
  • What help will you need with this experience?

Plan & Track

When you have finalized your development items, be sure to put them into your organization's talent or performance management system so that you can track your progress.