Learn from your experience

Leverage work experience

Accelerate your development while boosting performance

As a leader you know how to create effective plans that get results on the job. But do you know how to create an effective plan for your own development?

Most of what’s needed to become a better leader isn’t learned from training programs, or from books, or from people telling you how to lead. There’s a place for those forms of learning, but an effective development plan is built around work experiences and helps you learn by doing what leaders do.

But how do you know which experiences will teach you valuable lessons and which might waste your time or even derail you? Work experiences aren’t like training programs or books—they don’t come with a table of contents to tell you that an experience is right for you.

But what if they did?

If you could easily see the learning drivers in work experience--like the table of contents in a book--you could make better decisions about whether an experience is right for you and you’d be better prepared to learn more, faster.

You might be surprised by how much learning opportunity there is all around you…even in the work you do every day on your current job. But to effectively learn from your experience, you need to be able to see the learning. That’s where we can help. In just a few minutes using our simple process we can show you the way to better development plans.