Learn from your experience

Gain personalized insight

Get a personalized, on-the-job development guide to help you learn more, faster

The BetterDevelopmentPlans.com site uses a powerful online tool that creates a personalized Experience Insights Development Guide. This guide can help you to get the most out of any on-the-job experience:

  • Learn all there is to learn from work experiences you’re already having
  • Identify on-the-job experiences that you can have to accelerate your career progress
  • Avoid wasting time doing things that could derail you or simply won’t help you to succeed today or in the future

The length of each guide will vary from 9 pages to 15 pages depending upon the experience you describe. Each report includes the following sections:

  • A development guide overview
    • Introduction to experience-based development
    • Explanation of the experience model used for profiling experiences
  • Summary of your experience
    • Experience Type
    • Learning Drivers
    • Fit Assessment
    • Questions
  • Experience Analysis
    • Themes
    • Context
    • Behavior
    • Questions
  • Insights
    • Learning
    • Risk
  • What to do next