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Simple, three-step process designed to deliver practical insights in as little as five minutes

In just five minutes with the Better Development Plans tool you can get personalized insights that will help you to learn more, faster.

Here’s how it works:


You start by describing a work challenge or activity that might be good for your development. For example, you might be thinking about “Leading a team to explore new strategies for marketing our products.”

Your description is then sent to our proprietary experience engine for analysis. Using a catalog of experiences that are known to be developmental for leaders, the experience engine will tag your description with up to three broad themes.

In this example the experience engine finds two themes: “Leading a team,” and “Developing plans.”


You simply confirm that these themes are accurate…


And, answer a brief survey about what you expect this experience to be like. For example, will it involve more time pressure than you’ve faced in the past? Handling more risk? Developing new expertise? Your answers to these and similar questions will enable the experience engine to create development guidance that is personalized just for you.

When you finish, you’ll get a development guide with a whole new level of insight into the experience you’re thinking about. You can also evaluate additional experiences if you want, and even compare them side by side to help you pick which one is best for you.

You’ll probably want to share your new insights with a manager or trusted advisor.

With your job and our tools, you’ve got all you need to start creating better development plans today.